Your Data is Free Here

Most online data is behind the walls of big applications that don't play well with others.
Use Feedhaven to take your data and store it in a way that's completely accessible to you.

Own Feeds from Everywhere

Use applications like Zapier to pull data to your Haven from every Feed, Stream, Log, and other online channel you have access to.

Your Data is Your Data

We host 500 MB for free, more for very cheap. That's all we do. We won't touch it, let alone sell it.

RSS Everything

Instant JSON, ATOM, CSV and RSS access to each of your feeds no matter the source. Use any RSS reader to read any Feedhaven feed.

Leave Us Easily

If you ever want to end a subscription, you are enabled to easily pull your data either to another service or to your own machine. It's your data.

Copy Our Code

The code of Feedhaven is free and open source. Modify it and / or host it yourself on your own machine or online. Free.

Write Apps that Port

We've streamlined our API and data format as much as possible. When you write apps to support Feedhaven feeds, they also can work for similar products and data streams.